Top 10 Most Unwanted Items

If you are moving to a new location or simply need more space, then clearing away unwanted items is necessary. Many trash collection services will not haul away particular items because the things are too bulky or create pollution in landfills. When a homeowner or property manager needs to get rid of things, calling a junk removal service is the best option. This leads to our top 10 most unwanted items:

couch removal
1. Couches

Couches are a furniture item that is bulky and heavy, making it difficult to place on the curb for a city’s trash collection service. Most people are unable to lift and carry this piece of furniture on their own. We all know everyone eventually needs to replace their old couch with a new one.

2. Refrigerators

Everyone has a refrigerator in their kitchen that eventually breaks down. No one should place this appliance on a curb because children can get trapped inside. Trash collectors do not want to pick up this heavy appliance either, leading to calling a professional team to remove the object safely.

3. Mattresses

Many people choose to get rid of old bedding because they are moving or they simply purchased a new mattress and/or box spring. We see most people stashing these in their garage until they get them removed.

TV and Television Removal
4. Broken Televisions

When you bought that big screen television, the store was willing to deliver it in a large truck with the assistance of strong movers. However, when it stops working, you are stuck with the item. There is a good chance that it will not fit into your automobile to haul it away. Fortunately, a strong junk removal team has a large vehicle to carry away this broken electronic device.

Carpet Removal Atlanta
5. Old Carpeting

When people purchase a new home, a lot of them end up removing the old carpet and replacing it. They do this for a few different reasons. A big reasons is if the previous owners had pets that made the carpet smell awful.

bathroom fixture
6. Bathroom Fixtures

Anyone who completes a bathroom remodeling project has old fixtures to throw away. Many fixtures such as bathtubs, toilets and sinks are bulky and heavy, requiring someone with a strong back. Do not risk a back injury trying to haul fixtures away on your own, call a professional. They have the expertise to take apart the items in order for various parts to go to a recycling center.

Computer Removal and Recycling
7. Office Equipment

With modern technology changing rapidly, many business owners must update office equipment frequently. This leads to piles of computers, printers and fax machines that are obsolete and unwanted. Many cities will not allow old office equipment to go to landfills because the devices leak contaminants into the soil and groundwater.

Construction Debris
8. Renovation Debris

If you are flipping a home for resale or remodeling the one you live in, then getting rid of debris quickly is essential. A junk removal crew can load up old paneling, chunks of drywall and broken ceramic tile to help your home look spotless. Keeping this crumbling debris around is a health hazard as dust filters into the air, filling a home with dangerous substances.

9. Cardboard Boxes

Lets face it, we all have some empty boxes stashed away somewhere in the house. These boxes can take up a lot of room depending on the size of them and the quantity. We notice most people store them in their garage or closets.

yard debris
10. Yard Waste

In the Spring and Summer, people tend to clean up their yard by trimming some bushes and cutting away long branches. I challenge you to drive in a neighborhood and count how many homes you see with yard debris at the end of their driveways.

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