We charge by the amount of junk removed.
Our rates include wait and load, from your London premises.

We charge by the cubic yard, which is similar size as 2 domestic washing machines or 1 large fridge freezer. We provide a bespoke rubbish removal service. So if you’re struggling to work out the weights of your rubbish, or not sure how your waste would be charged, please get in contact and do not worry about it much as you can send a snapshot of your rubbish and send it to use to verify the estimate. Please do not hesitate to talk to us on telephone.

Unlike skip hire, we only charges for the rubbish we actually take and our charges are very competitive. Prices include labour, transport and disposal charges. There are no hidden costs whatsoever.

Tel: 020 7118 0506

Load SizeCubic YardsLabourMax WeightPrice(Ex- VAT)
Min15-10 mins100 kg£60
2/16 Truck210 mins200 kg£80
3/16 Truck310 mins300 kg£90
4/16 Truck420 mins400 kg£100
5/16 Truck525 mins500 kg£115
6/16 Truck630 mins650 kg£125
7/16 Truck7.535 mins800 kg£145
8/16 Truck840 mins1000 kg£160
9/16 Truck945 mins1100 kg£175
10/16 Truck1055 mins1200 kg£190
11/16 Truck1150 mins1300 kg£210
12/16 Truck1255 mins1400 kg£220
13/16 Truck1360 mins1500 kg£230
14/16 Truck1455 mins1600 kg£240
15/16 Truck1555 mins1700 kg£250
Full truck1660 mins1800 kg£260

Please note: Our prices are excluding VAT



Extra time – £10.00 per 10 minutes

Fridges – £25.00 + VAT

Mattress – £10.00 + VAT

Tyres – £5.00/£10.00 + VAT

We accept major Credit or debit card payments

All major credit and debit cards. Unfortunately we are unable to accept American Express.

payment methods we accept

We Accept Cash

How big is a Cubic Yard?

One cubic yard = 3′ x 3′ x 3′

A cubic yard is 3ft x 3ft x 3ft, which is a similar size to average fridge – so don’t worry if we ask you to describe the weight of your rubbish. When we arrive we can confirm and exact cost before we begin to shift your items and sometimes we close our eyes on some little extras. So there won’t be a much difference which will surprises you.

If you still unsure and lost? Call or email our friendly staff and we can sort things out.
Telephone: 0207 118 0506 or Email: info@aptrubbishclearance.co.uk